lss24 said:

I think it's great that you are doing a meet up! It most be great to meet other people that love aaron

That’s what I was thinking too! I saw so many people saying how much they wanted to hang out so I thought, hey why not organize a meetup! 

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I'd like more info on the meetup... When, where, that sort of thing. Are you doing something special or just hanging out?

Well my original thought was let’s all go see one of Aaron’s games and we’ll hang out and it’ll be great. So that’s why it’s during the summer Thursday July 17th and Friday July 18th (obviously if you only want/can come one day or the other thats totally fine as well) and it’s gonna be in Central Park by Heckscher Fields (that’s where the Broadway league plays on thursdays). As for a specific time that day…I have no clue. I also haven’t planned anything specifically that we’d all do but I’m open to suggestions. 

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Anonymous said:

So true you should try inviting some popular blogs at least so maybe they can invite people too! Even if they cant go it could make more people find out about it

That’s a good point. I like your thinkin anon! Since you’re on to something…Who do we consider popular blogs in the tveit fandom? haha I practically live under a rock so ya know.. 

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Anonymous said:

Have you tried inviting people to this personally? There's alot of people in aaron's fandom who would go Im sure and just havent heard of this

Ya know I haven’t. I hadn’t even thought of that. But see the downside with that is, I have no clue who to invite. Because there are soooo many people in Aaron’s fandom I wouldn’t want to forget anybody. If that makes sense? 

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It’s less than 100 days until our meetup! (99 to be exact) How exciting is that?!?!?! And keep track of how many days left HERE

So just a quick note, 

I haven’t heard much about Aaron playing the Broadway League this summer. It all depends on his Graceland schedule. So let’s hope he can but don’t be too bummed if he can’t! 

Another thing is that now 20+ people RSVP’d saying they’re coming to the meetup! Which is great!! The more people there are the funner it’ll be!

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet you can right HERE and we look forward to seeing you!

See you guys soon!

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Message from ROA team manager regarding Aaron playing softball this season. (I think I may have to start referring to Tveit as a super duper talented stud basket from now on…)
*fingers crossed*


Message from ROA team manager regarding Aaron playing softball this season. (I think I may have to start referring to Tveit as a super duper talented stud basket from now on…)

*fingers crossed*


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Anonymous said:

around how many people are going so far? xxx

Right now the RSVP says about 14 people are going. And that’s not including me. Hopefully more people will come though! 

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Anonymous said:

Is there an age restriction?

Of course not! Anybody any age can come! But I mean if you’re like 12 I don’t want anybody running away from home just to come, that’s not okay but..Otherwise no there isn’t an age restriction. 

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175 Days Left!!!

Hey there all! So in case you didn’t know, we are 175 days away from our meetup. It’s coming up quick so don’t forget to RSVP right HERE. It just lets me know roughly how many people are coming in July. Oh and for anybody seeing this for the first time here’s the low down. 

There will be a Aaron Tveit Fandom Meetup in July. July 17 & 18 to be exact. (It’s a Thursday and Friday - you don’t need to be there for both days if you don’t want to) We’ll be meeting in Central Park, NYC by Hecksher Fields to hopefully catch Aaron in one of the Broadway softball games. So we’ll talk, hang out and maybe see/meet Aaron? But no promises. We can dream though! Anyone one and everyone is welcome to come and hang out. 

THIS tumblr is specifically for the meetup and it will have any and all details about it that have been planned thus far. That’s all for now…TTYL and please if ya could be a doll and REBLOG this post so others can see it and hopefully come! Later :P 

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I'm confused what is this meet up?

So the meetup is basically going to be a bunch of us tveit-loving-tumblr users getting together and hanging out in Central Park. We’ll get the chance to meet and hang out and hopefully see Aaron play in one of the broadway softball games and potentially meet him afterwards. The meetup is technically two days long (Thursday July 17th & Friday July 18th) and besides the baseball game there are no concrete plans to do anything. I’m really open to suggestions if anybody would like to do anything. 

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